Natalie has a unique talent to identify strategic stakeholders and communicate with them about aligning interests.

Natalie was DC study area lead for a ground-breaking survey of the economic activity associated with nightlife, and made the critical difference in structuring and garnering participation in a business district with over 100 businesses. The data and conclusions resulting from her work have set a new standard in documenting an unrepresented business sector and proving its economic value to the Washington DC area. I would retain her for a wide range of services—she was self-sufficient, brought innovative approaches, understood ALL of the implications of the work and exceeded both the schedule and level of work product, all on budget. 
—TOM MORIARITY /  Managing Principal at Retail Development Strategies LLC

As director of MidCity Business Association, Natalie went above and beyond the call of duty constantly! She had the ability to make it all happen for our local business organization. Natalie did a lot with very little, her organizational and people skills were on the mark every time. She kept our business association on point and her efforts brought us all much financial success. Natalie was in charge of MidCity Dog Days Sidewalk Sale and marketed us with such excellence—my business on the sale days DOUBLED with each passing year. Her creative ability surpassed expectations every time. 

Natalie has a unique talent to identify strategic stakeholders and communicate with them about aligning interests. She is fearless about making direct, personal connections and establishing relationships that are built on trust and common ground. She is then able to leverage these relationships to drive coordinated action among disparate groups that might not otherwise have aligned. Most importantly, once she has established a network, she is able to nurture and sustain that network, reinforcing trust and confidence within the group.  Her success, in many ways, comes from a unique insight into how to create sustainable programs and virtuous cycles that benefit each node within her network. 
PHIL LEPANTO / CTO, partner, Connections Media

Natalie's expertise in working with a diverse business community and in a culturally rich neighborhood were critical to the success of the Mt. Pleasant Temporium. Natalie's programming provided a platform for storytelling and community sharing. In a community shaped by waves of residential migration, social movements and radical action, she helped residents uncover those stories that have intertwined over generations and across cultures to create the vibrant community. Her insights on promotion and public relations allowed the project to deliver effective messages to a wide range of audiences.
JESSICA SCHEUERMAN The Mount Pleasant Temporium

Natalie is an outstanding partner. She's reliable, forward thinking, smart and gets things done. I've enjoyed my work with her for a period of several years and I can recommend her without reservation. —MATT VALENTINI JBG Companies

Natalie and I produced several visual arts and music events via a dynamic series called Stack It Up Productions at a DC community space.  These events proved to be a testing ground for the later creation of Transformer ( Natalie has an extraordinary ability to bring diverse groups of people together—activists, artists, youth, and a myriad of general audiences—for community based programming that is engaging and impactful. Very  skilled at managing the complexities of event planning, Natalie is an expert at bringing people together to create dynamic spaces and stronger communities. She taps into incredibly diverse networks of people and helps foster unusual and exciting partnerships.
VICTORIA REIS, co-Founder, Executive & Artistic Director Transformer

We have worked with Natalie several times since 2007 she has been an invaluable resource to Haydees Restaurant. She has helped us improve neighborhood communications, resolve issues and helped us improve noise management and staff training. She cares about and understands the challenges small businesses face and has worked with us to help build our business and our community.
HAYDEE VENAGAS Haydees Restaurant Mount Pleasant and Georgia Avenue